Galaxy Note 10/10+ receiving September 2020 security update globally

The latest Android security update dated September 1st, 2020, is now widely available for download on both the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. Meaning it’s been sighted on pretty much every continent over the last handful of days, and that development, itself, is indicative of a nearly completed rollout. Even the carrier-locked models in the United States have already been running it for days. Well, not the Verizon ones, of course, but the most of the rest.

Being only a year-old flagship series, the Galaxy Note 10 range is still on the forefront of Samsung’s regularly patched products. Or, better said: it’s usually at the forefront. The reason why that wasn’t exactly true this month likely stems from the fact that this security release coincided with One UI 2.5 finally hitting the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. And all models that received the new Android 10 implementation got the latest security patch as part of the package. However, the overarching OS update was quite slow to release. In fact, its rollout is still ongoing.

This has been a chaotic month for Galaxy Note 10 owners

In case your Galaxy Note 10-series device is only now receiving the September 1st update but is still running One UI 2.1 – which is precisely what’s currently happening in Canada and the UK, for example – that just means you’re at the mercy of your wireless carrier when it comes to OTA releases.

As for those less shackled among consumers, the Galaxy Note 10 range is also in line to receive the Android 11-based One UI 3.0… eventually. Just don’t start holding your breath before New Year’s Eve.

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