Galaxy M30s certified with Android 10 onboard

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Samsung currently has six Galaxy M series smartphones on the market in India, and two of them were surprisingly updated to Android 10 soon after the Galaxy S10 and before the stable Android 10 update was released for the Galaxy Note 10 lineup. According to Samsung’s official roadmap, the Galaxy M40 and Galaxy M30s are next in line, with their update scheduled for March and April respectively, and it has now scored Wi-Fi certification for the latter with the latest version of Android onboard.The Galaxy M30s is not the only device that has recently received blessings from the Wi-Fi Alliance running Android 10. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy A80 were certified with Android 10 onboard just a week ago. And as we have seen in the past, Wi-Fi certification in no way suggests that a device is set to get an update soon. Wi-Fi certifications are simply part of the process of bringing a new version of Android to a smartphone or tablet and can often be granted months before the relevant update makes its way to users.Still, with Samsung randomly releasing Android 10 to its devices, like sending it out to Galaxy A40s owners in China just yesterday, there’s always a chance the Galaxy M30s’ Android 10 update will roll out before April. However, that solely depends on how quickly Samsung is able to complete work on the new software, and exactly when that will happen is not something anyone can predict.

Galaxy M30s

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