Galaxy Home Mini is offered as a Galaxy S20 pre-order bonus in Korea

Samsung offers the new Galaxy Buds+ for free with every Galaxy S20 pre-order in some markets, which is a pretty great deal. But as it turns out, Samsung has prepared other incentives in other countries, particularly in South Korea, where the company has chosen to give away the Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker as a pre-order incentive for its latest flagship phones.The Galaxy Home Mini is one of Samsung’s most elusive products in recent years. It’s been teased and showcased at trade shows before, and it was even beta-tested in South Korea last year. Despite this, the Galaxy Home Mini is still dodging a global release, but at least the wait is seemingly over in Samsung’s home country.Oddly enough, the Galaxy Home Mini is not the only pre-order incentive for the Galaxy S20 series in South Korea. Customers who might not want the smart speaker can choose a different pre-order bonus, namely a Nemonic sticky note printer. This product is not new. It was conceived as a C-Lab project a few years ago and was showcased by startup Mangoslab at CES 2017. It was previously offered as a pre-order incentive for the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea.Are you planning to pre-purchase the Galaxy S20? What pre-order bonuses are there available in your region? Would you have preferred a free Galaxy Home Mini over a free pair of Galaxy Buds+?

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