Galaxy Fold success story continues in South Africa as pre-orders sell out

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The Galaxy Fold went up for pre-order in more markets this week, and the device seems to enjoy a positive reception as pre-order stocks have been depleted in record times. South Africa is no exception, as Samsung revealed today that the first Galaxy Fold pre-order batch has already been sold out.The company confirmed it is currently “working on increasing stock levels to keep up with demand.” It didn’t reveal exactly how many Galaxy Fold units have been pre-ordered in South Africa or when a new batch will arrive. Nevertheless, the device is supposed to go on sale in South Africa on October 18, and we assume a new pre-order batch will be made available before then.Galaxy Fold – A huge success in limited quantitiesThe Galaxy Fold has been sold out in pretty much every market where it’s become available for pre-order, including South Korea, the US, Malaysia, and India. In part, this tells a lot about the excitement surrounding this new form factor, but in reality, Samsung also – willingly or unwillingly – facilitates this high demand through the way it released the Galaxy Fold in very limited quantities.According to reports, the first Galaxy Fold pre-order batches didn’t exceed 2,000 units per market. Given this fairly low figure relative to the mobile industry, it would be an anomaly for Samsung not to sell the first batches like hotcakes.But regardless of which perspective you prefer, the Galaxy Fold is an exciting new device for a lot of people, and thousands of early adopters around the world have already shown their interest in it. This will hopefully lead to further improvements and refinements for the second-generation Galaxy Fold or even for the future batches of the firs-gen device, especially since the vocal majority seems to have mixed opinions about it.

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