Galaxy Fold stock replenished in Russia for its official October 25 release

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Galaxy Fold sales in Russia have officially begun today, October 25, after a three-week-long pre-order period. The Galaxy Fold became available for pre-order in Russia on October 4, and Samsung’s first foldable device was just as sought-after in Russia as it was in all the other markets where it became available for pre-order. The initial stock was depleted in just a couple of days.Samsung Electronics officially confirmed today that an additional batch of Galaxy Fold units has been shipped to Russia so that prospective buyers can have a chance of buying one on launch day.Galaxy Fold arrives on store shelves in RussiaThe Galaxy Fold is selling in Russia for 159,990 rubles or the rough equivalent of $2,506. The foldable device has quite a premium over the original $2,000 price in other markets, but this hasn’t stopped the first pre-order batch to sell in record time. Even if the Galaxy Fold is expensive, it’s also relatively rare and difficult to find. This feeling of scarcity contributed to an inflated sense of demand.Samsung didn’t reveal how many units have been made available at launch in Russia so there’s no way to guess how long the current stock will last. Either way, the device is not available through the Samsung Forward program, meaning that prospective buyers must pay the phone’s full price up-front to acquire it. Hopefully, the Galaxy Fold is going to survive the cold Russian weather as well as it did the hot sandy shores of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. Are you going to buy the Galaxy Fold in Russia? Let us know in the comment section.

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