Galaxy Fold pre-registration page is live in India, Australia, the UAE

Samsung is readying the Galaxy Fold for release in more markets, as prospective buyers located in India, Australia, and the UAE can now show their interest in the device by visiting Samsung’s website and completing an online pre-registration form.The company will issue updates to those who pre-register for the Galaxy Fold, but as yet, there’s no official word on when the foldable device will be released in two of the three aforementioned markets. Samsung India already sent out press invites for the Galaxy Fold’s release in the country and the device should hit the shelves on October 1. Given the timing of these pre-registration pages going live, there’s a chance that the foldable phone will debut in Australia and the UAE on or around the same date.It remains to be seen how many Galaxy Fold units will be made available in these regions. We don’t expect many, given that the device is manufactured in limited quantities and some markets got only a few hundred or up to a thousand units to sell. In theory, the pre-registration forms should help Samsung gauge the demand for the Galaxy Fold, but it remains to be seen if the company will be able to meet that demand.Prospective buyers can visit Samsung India, Samsung Australia, or Samsung UAE and sign up to receive news about the Galaxy Fold. Do you want to count yourself among the early adopters? Will you be getting the Galaxy Fold once it launches in your country? If not, what’s keeping you away from it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Galaxy Fold

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