Galaxy Fold pre-orders kick off in the Netherlands on December 20

Samsung may not have sold one million units of the Galaxy Fold despite what the rumors might have said, but the company is making that milestone more plausible by launching its foldable phone in yet another country. The Galaxy Fold will go up for pre-order in the Netherlands on December 20 from Samsung’s retail and online stores and carriers KPN and T-Mobile. Pre-ordered devices will reach customers on January 10. The Netherlands is getting the LTE variant of the Fold with a price tag of €2020.While the Fold’s official launch in the Netherlands is taking place quite late in the game, the country was originally supposed to be in the initial list of release markets for the device. After deciding to delay the April launch of the Galaxy Fold owing to durability concerns caused by design oversights, Samsung decided to focus on bigger markets where it has a larger consumer base. But the wait for those in the Netherlands who were looking forward to getting the innovative and game-changing foldable is finally over.Buying the Galaxy Fold will get consumers access to a 24/7 telephone helpline for one-to-one contact with experts, but it seems the cheap one-time screen replacement will not be available for Dutch customers. That offer, which reduces the price of screen replacement to €130, is supposed to be valid for purchases made before December 31, but it looks like Samsung is using the January 10 release date as an excuse to not extend that offer to consumers in the Netherlands.

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