Galaxy Fold launches in Vietnam this week, shipping next month

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Samsung is bringing the Galaxy Fold to yet another market, this time Vietnam, where the device will become available for pre-order tomorrow, November 27. Unsurprisingly, Vietnam will see a limited launch not unlike in other markets, and a limited number of Galaxy Fold units will ship to customers on December 14.Galaxy Fold in Vietnam costs about the same as everywhere elseUnsurprisingly yet again, prospective Galaxy Fold buyers in Vietnam are expected to pay a full retail price of VND 50,000,000 or the rough equivalent of $2,156. However, Samsung Vietnam also talks about 12 and 24 months installment plans with 0% down, which will be available from December 13 until the end of March 2020.The Galaxy Fold in Vietnam will be available in Cosmos Black and the retail package will contain the usual goodies, ranging from a Kevlar case to help protect the precious smartphone-tabled hybrid, to a pair of Galaxy Buds.Customers in Vietnam will take advantage of the Galaxy Fold Premier Service which guarantees them a first screen replacement at a discount within the first year from the date of purchase. They’ll also have access to a 24/7 support line, as well as home-based technical support in five cities.Will you buy the Galaxy Fold once the device launches in Vietnam? Are you still excited about this device, knowing that Samsung is working on at least one new foldable model for next year? Join us in the comment section below.

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