Galaxy Fold 2 may not have a feature that everyone has been waiting for

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There has been a lot of excitement for the Galaxy Fold 2. Many Samsung fans are looking forward to seeing what improvements Samsung is going to introduce with its third foldable device. Quite a few of them feel that the company should bring S Pen support to the Galaxy Fold 2.However, if a new report is to be believed, this may not be the case. Samsung is reportedly not going to offer an S Pen with the Galaxy Fold 2. Technical limitations are what has apparently prevented the company from doing that.Galaxy Fold 2 won’t feature an S PenThere’s no denying the fact that foldable displays just aren’t as strong enough as conventional displays. While Samsung has improved durability with the Ultra Thin Glass on the Galaxy Z Flip, and the Galaxy Fold 2 is also expected to feature UTG, it may not be durable enough to support the S Pen.A report out of South Korea suggests that Samsung hasn’t developed a foldable display yet that can endure the use of a stylus. Consider this: the thickness of the Galaxy Z Flip’s UTG in the first half is 0.03 mm compared to the Galaxy Note 10‘s 0.4 mm. Clearly, there’s a long way to go before these panels can offer the same kind of durability as made possible by Gorilla Glass 6 on the Galaxy Note 10.Samsung has reportedly determined that both UTG and the transparent PI films that it used for the original Galaxy Fold’s display are unsuitable for use with the S Pen. This means that we may have to wait for a while before we see an S Pen-equipped Galaxy Fold. Durability remains a concern with foldable smartphones and Samsung would probably not want to rush things.Given the durability related delays that the Galaxy Fold suffered at launch, Samsung would obviously not want a repeat of that for the Galaxy Fold 2 as well, so it seems like the company has decided to play it safe this time around.

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