Galaxy Fold 2 has two batteries with a combined capacity of 4,365mAh

Samsung’s second foldable smartphone-tablet hybrid, the Galaxy Fold 2, will conceal a battery configuration similar to the original Galaxy Fold. The sequel will be powered by two separate batteries with a combined capacity of 4,365mAh, down from the original Galaxy Fold’s 4,380mAh.According to a couple of screenshots passed along on Twitter by @_the_tech_guy depicting regulatory documents, the Galaxy Fold 2 features a 2,275mAh main battery coupled with a 2,090mAh secondary unit. In contrast, the original Galaxy Fold combined a 2,135mAh battery with a 2,245mAh one.Will battery life be the same on the Galaxy Fold 2?The original Galaxy Fold isn’t a perfect device, but as detailed in our review, it doesn’t suffer from bad battery life despite the phone’s crazy specifications such as its two displays and six cameras. The Galaxy Fold’s dual-battery system with a combined capacity of 4,380mAh – or 4,235mAh in the case of the Galaxy Fold 5G – serve it well, but will this remain true for the Galaxy Fold 2 and its 4,365mAh unit?The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to have similar dimensions to the OG model, so it makes sense for it to lack the necessary physical space to accomodate a much larger battery. In practice, the ~15mAh discrepancy between the existing and the upcoming model won’t make a noticeable difference at all, so the only way for the Galaxy Fold 2 to achieve better battery life is to leverage better optimization and a more power-efficient chipset. Furthermore, the Galaxy Fold 2 could be using LTPO backplane technology for its display, and this alone can contribute to 15%-20% better energy management.On one hand, these advancements put together should lead to better autonomy, but on the other, the Galaxy Fold 2’s cover display is also expected to be considerably larger. Having said that, it’s too early to determine exactly how the Galaxy Fold 2 will perform, so we’ll have to wait for Samsung to release the device in August-September, after which we’ll finally be able to compare battery life between the old and the new.

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