Galaxy Fold 2 concept reveals what the next-gen could look like

Samsung is expected to expand upon its foldable device portfolio next year, and aside from the so-called ‘Bloom‘ or SM-F700F which could turn out to be a clamshell device, the company might also prepare a direct sequel to the existing Galaxy Fold; one that would perfect the existing formula instead of replacing it.Now, an unofficial Galaxy Fold concept has been created by @samsung.unleashed which envisions what the future might hold in regards to the Galaxy Fold 2‘s exterior design.Thinner bezels and a smaller FF camera cutout are usually par for the courseWhile it is too early to know for sure what a direct sequel to the Galaxy Fold might look like, the mobile industry follows a few predictable patterns which can be observed to make educated guesses. For example, regardless of what shape and size modern smartphones have adopted over the years, you could almost always count on the next generation striving to achieve narrower screen bezels along with less distracting front-facing camera notches or cutouts. It took Samsung less than a year to make the Galaxy S10‘s Infinity-O display cutout smaller for the Galaxy Note 10 series.As yet, there’s no reason to believe that the Galaxy Fold 2 won’t attempt to follow a similar philosophy, and the concept image at hand shows us what this upcoming device might look like, assuming that Samsung decides to follow the established way of improving existing smartphone designs.

As for the less visible improvements, Samsung is reportedly aiming to make the Galaxy Fold 2 more durable than the ongoing model. The Galaxy Fold’s screen is quite vulnerable and this is one of the main reasons why Samsung’s fanbase is seemingly polarized when it comes to this new device. But recent reports suggest that the Galaxy Fold 2 could switch from a polyimide film to ultra-thin tempered glass for its foldable screen protector.Should this be the case, there’s also a possibility – albeit remote – that the Galaxy Fold 2 might no longer need a display notch as it could adopt under-display camera technology. While the polyimide film covering the existing flexible screen wouldn’t be ideal for this technology as it reportedly adds a yellow tint to photos, this should no longer be an issue for the Galaxy Fold 2 if it would use ultra-thin tempered glass instead. Of course, in-display camera technology is not something fully developed either, so only time will tell just how innovative the Galaxy Fold 2 will try to be and whether or not it will share any similarities with the concept image at hand.In what other ways do you think the Galaxy Fold 2 should improve? What are the main changes that would persuade you to buy into the foldable phone market next year, assuming you haven’t already done so with the Galaxy Fold? Let us know in the comment section below.

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