Galaxy Fold 2 codenamed ‘Bloom’, Android 10 and some colors confirmed

The Galaxy Fold 2, or whatever the next foldable Galaxy device will be called, is codenamed Bloom, according to a report published by Korea’s The Bell. We can confirm that that is indeed the codename for the device, and we have also learned that software development on the Fold 2 has just started. It’s based on Android 10, as you would expect, although we may see multiple new phones hit retail stores with Android 10 ahead of the Galaxy Fold 2, including the Galaxy S11 and a couple of A series phones.Samsung torn between 6.7-inch and 8.1-inch display sizes?According to the report, Samsung is aiming to release the Galaxy Fold 2 sometime in April but may launch it alongside the Galaxy S11, just like it unveiled the Galaxy Fold at the Galaxy S10 event. As for the codename, it’s unclear what it is supposed to represent. The Bell believes it could represent the fact that adding a second foldable device to its lineup would help Samsung increase its market share in the foldables category.However, a more interesting point in the report is that Samsung is undecided about how big it wants the Fold 2’s foldable display to be. Earlier reports had said that the next Fold would have a 6.7-inch screen, but the company is apparently thinking of taking that up to 8.1 inches. An 8-inch+ screen would make a clamshell design — which is what the Fold 2 is rumored to have — less likely, but, on the flip side, that would mean the outer display could be bigger than it is on the Galaxy Fold.Galaxy Fold 2 coming in white, purple, and blackWhile we can’t comment on what design the Galaxy Fold 2 will ultimately have, we can confirm some colors for the device. We’re told the current color choices include white, black, and purple. Samsung will no doubt have at least a fourth color on offer, but even if it doesn’t, the Fold 2 would have an extra color choice over its predecessor. That’s because while the Galaxy Fold was announced in four different colors, Samsung is only selling it in Cosmos Black and Cosmos Silver and hasn’t made the Martian Green and Astro Blue options available.

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