Galaxy Chromebook 2 specs leak points at improved battery, slashed cost

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook was a premium device with the audacity to toil in the price point of a full-fledged laptop. With its 4K AMOLED display, this 2-in-1 faltered because of its huge $999 price tag and unsatisfactory battery life for that cost. In the sequel, Samsung intends to make the wrongs right. Reports suggest Galaxy Chromebook 2 with improved battery backup and slashed price tag could be on the way.

This is evident from a leaked Samsung slide by WalkingCat on Twitter. If the leaked information is to be believed then the Galaxy Chromebook 2 could feature 12-hour battery life, as opposed to just six odd hours on the previous Chromebook.

Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook featured a 4K AMOLED which could be the main reason for the device’s unsatisfactory battery performance. It’s worth noting that Samsung plans a 13.3-inch QLED (quantum dot LED) screen for the second iteration of its Chromebook. If that turns out to be true, it will be the first Chromebook with such a display.

The leaked slide reveals the ultra-slim Galaxy Chromebook 2 will weigh only 2.75 pounds and will be powered by 10th generation Intel i3 processor. This is a compromise compared to the first Galaxy Chromebook that drew power from an Intel 10th-gen Core i5 processor.

These slight compromises in the display and processor could be the biggest changes that bring the price point for the Galaxy Chromebook 2 down to expected $699. This tag brings the Samsung Chromebook into the price range of high-end Chromebooks from other top manufacturers.

Galaxy Chromebook 2 is expected to launch in February 2021. Before the launch, we are expecting to hear more about the specification and features of the device at CES in January. Stay tuned here, we’ll update you as and when we have more information.

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