Galaxy Camera Controller lets you take photos, from your wrist

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Samsung Camera Controller

We haven’t really featured this but Samsung has the Galaxy Camera Controller. The mobile app that can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store allows the Galaxy Watch to take photos from the Galaxy S20 phone. The smartwatch is turned into a controller for the Galaxy S20’s camera. The idea is nothing new but this is more special coming from the South Korean tech giant. This means the Galaxy Watch becomes even “smarter” with this feature that is exclusive to Samsung devices.

The Camera Controller app is mainly for the wearables. It’s not clear if all Galaxy Watch models are supported though. The app is only one of the numerous Galaxy apps you can find on Samsung’s very own app store.

This particular app has been updated recently so it can work with the Galaxy S20 series. It should work smoothly with the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 was the first smartwatch from the company to have the Camera Controller and run with Galaxy phones.

If you have the Galaxy Watch or the first-gen Galaxy Watch Active, you can also use the Camera Controller app. The software update pushes the app to version 1.0.79 also to older Galaxy S phones like the Galaxy S10. Even the Galaxy Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Fold can work with the Camera Controller app.

From your wrist, you can launch the Camera Controller app. You can then open the Camera app from your phone. To take a photo, simply tap the capture button you see on your smartwatch. This will control the phone and start capturing memories.

The app doesn’t just work for the default camera of the phone. It can also work on Instagram mode, Pro mode, Live Focus mode, and Instagram mode. The Galaxy Watch app actually turns into a small viewfinder for your phone. Just look at the watch and press the screen to take a pic. It should be really helpful because it gives you the freedom to control the phone camera from a different device.

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