Galaxy Buds+ will be free with Galaxy S20+/Ultra pre-orders

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In news that should surprise no one, Samsung will be handing out free Galaxy Buds+ to those who pre-order its upcoming flagship. Evleaks has leaked a promotional image that Samsung will likely use to inform people about the offer, and it shows both the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra along with the new wireless earbuds, which look the same as the original Galaxy Buds.It seems you will only get the free earbuds if you pre-order the Galaxy S20+ or Galaxy S20 Ultra. That is also not too surprising, as Samsung didn’t have the Galaxy Buds pre-order bonus for the Galaxy S10e last year in most markets. In some markets, like India, Samsung also tends to simply cut down the price of its wearables as a pre-order bonus instead of giving them away for free. We imagine that will also be the case this year with the Galaxy S20 lineup and the Galaxy Buds+.Of course, we can’t really be sure what Samsung’s plans are for every country, but we can tell you what you can expect from the Galaxy Buds+. The Buds+ will have longer battery life than the original Buds, with our sources telling us that they will last up to 12 hours on a single charge. There’s no active noise cancellation onboard, but the new earbuds will have four microphones for better voice recognition and the general sound quality will be improved as well.
free galaxy buds with galaxy s20

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