Galaxy Buds update with Buds+ features is now rolling out in Canada

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Samsung began rolling out a new firmware update (R170XXU0ATD2) for the original Galaxy Buds a few weeks ago, and now, the same update is reaching Canada. As explained before, the latest firmware update drastically improves the Galaxy Buds experience, as it introduces a handful of features borrowed from the newer Galaxy Buds+ model.The list of additions to the Galaxy Buds includes Microsoft Swift Pair, automatic, improved Ambient Sound, and Spotify integration. With Microsoft Swift Pair, Galaxy Buds owners can connect their earbuds to a Windows 10 PC with more ease. It also lets you easily switch between different devices connected to the buds.Ambient Sound already exists on the Galaxy Buds but with the latest firmware update, it got better. Ambient Sound now works with only one earbud in, it can run automatically, and it offers additional sound options. Finally, the latest release brings Spotify integration to the Galaxy Buds. Originally a Buds+ feature, Spotify integration lets users control their music with gestures on the touchpad. A Tap & Hold gesture can launch Spotify, and repeating this gesture will summon a recommended playlist tailored to your tastes.You can now download the latest Galaxy Buds firmware update in Canada through the Galaxy Wearable app on your connected smartphone.

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