Galaxy Buds+ to have a bigger battery, no ANC

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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is expected to be part of the Unpacked event on February 11, when the new Galaxy S20 lineup is going to be unveiled. We already heard that the new earbuds will skip the active noise canceling, and today another source confirmed this information.
Galaxy Buds+ to have a bigger battery, but will skip on ANC
The Galaxy Buds have 58 mAh batteries, allowing for around 4 hours of continuous playback, as we’ve already established in our review. The report suggests the Galaxy Buds+ will up that to 85 mAh capacity and could improve the single use up to 12 hours, which would be a massive jump.

Another issue from the current earbuds is the call quality – Samsung never managed to fix it, even with numerous updates – the other side still hears you like you are underwater and a lot of the surrounding sound made it through. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ will allgedly have four microphones, instead of two to fix that specific issue. Whether or not this will actually work, we will determine once the Buds+ are out next month.


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