Galaxy Buds Pro gets some new features in newest update

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Last month we finally got an official look at the new truly wireless earbuds from Samsung, the Galaxy Buds 2. It has started shipping out in some territories already but let’s not forget about the “older” Galaxy Buds like the Galaxy Buds Pro. They are getting a new firmware update that brings some of the Galaxy Buds 2 features. This is good news for those who don’t want to upgrade just yet but would like to experience some of the things that the new earbuds bring.

Firmware version R190XXUA0UH5 brings several new features to the Galaxy Buds Pro that were previously announced for the new Galaxy Buds 2. Users will now be able to activate Ambient Sound support during calls if you need to still be aware of the sounds around you while you’re on a call, like when walking around the city or commuting and you don’t want to miss your next stop. There are also several Ambient Sound customizations that you can explore.

Galaxy Buds Pro users will also now be able to activate Active Noise Cancellation with just one earbud. These are just some of the features that the update brings although there maybe more. There should also be the usual bug fixes and device stability improvements. To update to the latest firmware version, update your Galaxy Buds Pro plugin app on your connected version to the latest version which is 3.0.21082751.

The Galaxy Buds 2 is Samsung’s lowest priced earbuds with ANC and will be replacing the Galaxy Buds+ in the audio lineup. While it is also smaller, lighter, and sleeker, the ANC has supposedly been improved here as it can “cut external background noise by up to 98%”. That will probably not translate to the update for the Galaxy Buds Pro but at least some features are being added to the older device.

The update is now rolling out to Galaxy Buds Pro in South Korea as per SAM Mobile. No news yet when it will expand to other markets but it should be soon.

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