Galaxy Buds Pro could end up damaging way more than your wallet

The Galaxy Buds Pro is undoubtedly one of the better TWS earbuds out there, as determined by our in-depth review. However, Android Central’s Chris Wedel has had a less than stellar experience. The worst part is, it doesn’t involve bad ANC or audio quality issues, but physical irritation that required the intervention of a physician.

A Reddit user has had a similar experience, along with several other South Korean netizens (via Olhar Digital, ITHome). All of the aforementioned people have experienced irritation in their ears after using the Galaxy Buds Pro for extended periods. Initially, the tips were thought to be the root cause, but replacing them multiple times, even with third-party alternatives, did little to alleviate the allergies.

While it isn’t immediately clear as to what causes the said irritation, it could be the Acrylate and the Nickel, which are found in the buds’ chassis and charging contact pads, respectively. Now, it is entirely possible that anyone allergic to the aforementioned material will suffer the same fate with other companies’ earbuds, but there have been no recorded instances of that happening so far.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Buds Pro’s tight fit is also a contributing factor. That, coupled with sweat and moisture, allegedly causes irritation. To make matters worse, the degree of the reaction differs on a user-by-user basis. Chris has to contend with a high fever and required antibiotics to deal with the problem. Reddit user u/Graphic_Delusions spent four days in the hospital due to severe Cellulitis, which is a serious skin infection.

For what it’s worth, Samsung offered Chris (and a few other affected users) a full refund for their Galaxy Buds Pro and the medical costs incurred due to the allergy. However, that isn’t nearly enough as the earbuds can still potentially affect others. Samsung’s official website does not mention allergic reactions, so there’s no way for a potential user to know of the risks associated with using the earbuds.

In conclusion, if you’re allergic to certain materials, exercise caution before picking up a pair of Galaxy Buds Pro. One can only hope that Samsung adds warnings to the product page sooner rather than later. All it takes is for one reaction to turn fatal, and that’s the last thing anybody wants. Some users have already taken Samsung to court for the said reactions, so it shouldn’t be long before we see some changes.

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