Galaxy Buds have received a new firmware update

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Three months after the last firmware update was released for the Galaxy Buds, Samsung is rolling out a new update for its wireless earbuds today. As expected, it’s a minor update that only system stability and reliability improvements.Samsung improved the stability of the Bluetooth connection in the previous update. It really did help make the connection more stable. This latest update further improves upon that.Galaxy Buds receive a new firmware updateSamsung has already released a couple of Bluetooth-related updates so far for the Galaxy Buds. It has done a good job of improving the user experience of the device and as it now gears up to launch the Galaxy Buds+, it’s making sure that the original wireless earbuds are looked after as well.Firmware version R170XXU0ATA2 is now rolling out for the Galaxy Buds. The changelog doesn’t reveal much beyond saying that there’s “improved system stability and reliability.” Some more information about this update has been provided on Samsung Korea’s official forums. The update addresses an errant beep sound when muting/unmuting a phone call and also works out some kinks with the connection process.The latest Galaxy Buds update can be downloaded right away by first pairing the device with a compatible smartphone and then installing the update through the Galaxy Wearable app.

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