Galaxy Buds ‘Bean’ to have Active Noise Cancellation

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We recently saw the Samsung Buds ‘Bean’ – South Korean company’s next iteration of the Galaxy Buds, in render images based on 3D models of the earbuds. The information to go with the images was very sparse then, but we now learn that the revolutionary design will feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) which Galaxy Buds+ users so wish their accessory supported.

Korean website notes, the earbuds, which intend to break off from the usual design of the Galaxy Buds family and feature a more progressive kidney bean-like design will support Active Noise Cancellation and retail for 170,000 won in South Korea. It works out to about $145. The site further states that Bean earbuds would offer 11 hours of playback on a single charge. There is no word on the battery capacity though.

The earbuds will have three microphones and two speakers each. For some context that’s actually the same as the Galaxy Buds+, each of which has a microphone inside and a pair on the outside. For other notable specs, the earbuds will measure 2.8cm long and 1.3cm wide and will forgo the stem with silicone attachment that enters a wearer’s ear, as in Galaxy Buds+. Instead lower part of the Galaxy Buds Bean will fit directly inside the ear canal while the back would fill the upper part of the ear.

This design will ensure that the earbuds do not protrude out of the ear as the Galaxy Buds or the Buds+. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Buds Bean along with the much anticipated Galaxy Note 20 in August of this year. Given the pandemic situation, it’s learnt that the company is exploring possibility of a live-streaming launch event, but there is nothing concrete on that front yet.

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