Galaxy Buds ‘Bean’ are Samsung’s upcoming overhauled earbuds

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Samsung launched new wireless earbuds called the Galaxy Buds+ with the Galaxy S20 a couple of months ago. The company didn’t make any significant design changes, it only improved the audio experience and the battery life. It appears that there’s a completely overhauled pair of earbuds that Samsung is planning on launching later this year.Reports suggest that this product may be launched as the Galaxy Buds “Bean,” with the kidney-shaped design likely being the reason this name is under consideration. Some 3D mockups have been created based on sketches of the earbuds and it’s not hard to see why this name would make sense.Galaxy Buds Bean completely different than current Samsung earbudsWinFuture reports that these new wireless earbuds are going by the “Beans” codename internally at Samsung, the shape is enough of a reason for this name to have been chosen. The scribe has seen sketches and 3D models of the product so it has created mockups based on them.The design is fundamentally different from that of the Galaxy Buds/Buds+ as these earbuds won’t protrude out from the ear. Said to measure approximately 2.8 cm long, the lower part would sit inside the ear canal while the back would fill the upper part of the ear. It remains to be seen if this design will provide effective isolation of the ambient noise since the auditory canal won’t be as restricted as it is by the silicone attachments on the Galaxy Buds.According to the report, these new earbuds have been assigned model number SM-R180. For reference, the Galaxy Buds+ carry model number SM-R175. The earbuds will reportedly feature two small loudspeakers with an outside channel for improved sound. There will be several integrated microphones as well for phone calls and allowing ambient noise to pass through.No further details are available at this point, particularly regarding the battery capacity, since these earbuds are currently in the first Engineering Validation Testing phase. It’s also not known whether they will feature Active Noise Cancellation, a feature that even Samsung’s shareholders have started asking for. Things could change in the coming months and there’s also a possibility that Samsung may decide to shelve this product altogether.It’s unclear when Samsung might launch the Galaxy Buds Bean. One would think they would accompany the Galaxy Note 20 that’s due in August this year. That would make sense. As far as the final name is concerned, Bean is still in there with a good shot. Samsung was recently awarded a trademark for the term Bean with the filing clearly mentioning that this trademark is meant for “wearable wireless earsets.”Do you think this design makes sense for truly wireless earbuds? Would this be something you might think about buying? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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