Galaxy Book 4 go on sale globally with free SSDs and tablets in tow

Galaxy Book 4 laptops are now available globally. The new generation of laptops from Samsung originally went on sale in Korea on the 2nd day of 2024, and shortly after that, they broke sales records in the first week of availability.

In their first seven days on the market, the new models outsold the Galaxy Book 3 series in Korea 1.5 times. Today, the Galaxy Book 4 series is hitting the shelves worldwide, and Samsung confirmed availability and prices for markets including the USA, UK, and Europe.

Galaxy Book 4 prices and freebies

In the USA, the Galaxy Book 4 360 starts at $1,349. The Galaxy Book 4 Pro and Pro 360 start at $1,449 and $1,899, respectively. And the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra starts at $2,399. These are VAT-free prices.

Upon buying a Galaxy Book 4 series laptop, customers in the USA get a Portable SSD T7 Shield with 2TB of storage for free and enhanced trade-in values of up to $800.

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In Europe, or at least the Netherlands, the Galaxy Book 4 360 starts at €1,699, while the Galaxy Book 4 Pro starts at €1,899. The Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360 costs €2,299 and up, and finally, the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra is hitting the shelves for €2,999.

Customers in the Netherlands don’t get free devices as bonuses for buying the Galaxy Book 4 series but can take advantage of an extra €300 trade-in bonus when they exchange an old device.

UK gets an additional budget-oriented Book 4 variant

As we suspected, Samsung has developed a more budget-oriented Galaxy Book 4 (non-Pro or 360) variant that the company didn’t mention during the original December announcement. It’s called the Galaxy Book 4 — sans “Pro” and “360” — and it’s quietly being introduced in the UK (and possibly other markets) for £649.

The series also consists of the Galaxy Book 4 360 and Book 4 Pro, which start at £1,199 and £1,599, and the Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360, which goes on sale for £1,799 and up. Of course, the top-of-the-line variant is the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, which is hitting the shelves in the UK for £2,649 and up.

UK customers who buy a Pro, Pro 360, or Ultra Galaxy Book 4 can claim a free Galaxy Book Tab S9 FE tablet. It’s quite an appropriate freebie, since Samsung’s laptops and Galaxy tablets can work together as one through the Second Screen feature.

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