Galaxy Book 3 sales 2.5x more than previous Galaxy Book laptops

Samsung completely overhauled its laptop strategy with the launch of the Galaxy Book lineup in 2021. Last year, the company refined a few things, bringing OLED screens to its laptops with the Galaxy Book 2. Earlier this year, the South Korean firm launched the Galaxy Book 3 laptops with more powerful chips, higher resolution and high-refresh-rate OLED screens, and longer battery life. And it looks like consumers loved those upgrades.

Galaxy Book 3 series has received very positive feedback globally

Samsung said it sold 2.5 times more Galaxy Book 3 laptops than its predecessors over the same period. The company says that the reception for its new laptop lineup has been “very positive.” Samsung started following Apple’s strategy of making their smartphones the center of the ecosystem, with other devices like Galaxy laptops, tablets, earbuds, and smartwatches chiming in with better integration and features. Learning from its mobile section, the company brought many changes to its laptops, including software efficiency, custom features, and improved connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra Thunderbolt 4 Ports

The South Korean firm talked about the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, which offers high performance despite its lightweight design and high build quality. Shim Hwang-yoon, VP and Head of New Computing Hardware R&D Group 2 at MX Business, reportedly stated that the company applied optimization techniques learned from its smartphones to its newest laptops. The Galaxy Book 3 lineup has an improved cooling mechanism for the highest efficiency.

It also used Intel’s ML-based (Machine Learning) tuning and image improvement algorithms from its Galaxy smartphones. Samsung also changed the complete layout of the main board so that the components don’t interrupt the signals from ultra-fast external ports. Samsung also added software features like Quick Share and Multi Control (to share Galaxy Book’s keyboard and trackpad with Galaxy phones and tablets).

You can check out our Galaxy Book 3 Ultra review in the video below.

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