Galaxy A90 5G is the first A series phone to support Samsung DeX

Even though Samsung has significantly improved its Galaxy A series handsets over the years, there has remained a firm distinction between it and the flagship Galaxy S series. That gap is now coming down a bit though. One feature that has only been present on flagship handsets till now has trickled down to this series.The Galaxy A90 5G also has some of the swankiest specs that we’ve seen on a handset in this series. It’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chipset for example, the preferred option for most flagship Android smartphone manufacturers this year.Galaxy A90 5G is the first of its series to get 5G and DeX supportIt’s the first Galaxy A series device from Samsung to have support for DeX. Samsung’s PC-like environment has been limited to flagship devices so far but the A90 5G will enable users to access that PC-like experience by simply hooking up their monitor to an external display over USB-C.It does make sense for Samsung to enable support for DeX on this device. Not only does it appear to have the requisite tech under the hood, this feature might also make the Galaxy A90 5G a compelling option for customers in 5G-enabled countries that may also want to get some work done on the move.The Galaxy A90 5G also gets support for Microsoft’s Your Phone app. It enables users to mirror their phone’s display onto their Windows desktop. They’re also able to check their notifications, send and receive messages, and browse through recent photos on the PC itself.Samsung is releasing the Galaxy A90 5G in South Korea tomorrow. It will gradually release the device in other 5G-enabled countries down the line.

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