Galaxy A55 to miss out on an upgraded selfie camera

The Galaxy A50 marked the beginning of an era in which Samsung’s mid-range phones were desirable again. The A50 boasted plenty of modern features and had a reasonable price tag, and since then, every new phone in the Galaxy A5x lineup has brought with it meaningful upgrades, challenging the notion that consumers need to buy a flagship smartphone to have a good user experience.

However, some specs have not received the same amount of upgrades as others. The front camera is one example of that: except for the Galaxy A50, every A5x phone has featured a 32-megapixel front camera. And according to GalaxyClub, that will be the case in 2024 as well.

The Galaxy A55, the successor to this year’s Galaxy A54, will reportedly feature a 32MP camera for selfies and video calls. There’s no info available on whether this will be the exact same sensor that is used on the Galaxy A54, but as far as the megapixel count is concerned, Samsung won’t be changing anything.

The primary rear camera and the ultra-wide camera on the Galaxy A55 are also expected to remain the same (50MP and 12MP respectively) as they are on the Galaxy A54. That will probably apply to the macro camera as well, though there’s no information available right now to either support or deny that possibility.

The only Galaxy A55 upgrade that is confirmed is a newer Exynos chip, the Exynos 1480 to be precise. Hopefully both performance and battery life will get better with the new chip, as the Exynos 1380 that powers the Galaxy A54 turned out to be rather underwhelming on both those counts, at least out of the box.

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