Galaxy A50, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Xcover 4S are going to get monthly security updates

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Samsung has added three more devices to its public list of phones that are supposed to get monthly security updates. These are the Galaxy A50, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Xcover 4s.

The Fold being there is no surprise at all, seeing as how it’s a flagship in its own right, while the A50’s presence on the list makes official what was already going on. The company’s best selling mid-ranger of the year has received a lot of attention, software update-wise, so far, and the cadence was pretty much monthly for these, but now owners know to expect something similar in the future too. This move is clearly connected to the A50’s sales numbers, as Samsung mid-rangers are usually in another pool – that of phones receiving quarterly security updates.

Galaxy A50, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Xcover 4S are now on the list of devices that get monthly security updates

The Galaxy Xcover 4s’ presence on this list is the most surprising, but that probably has a lot to do with its target customers. We assume most of the sales of the rugged phone go to companies, and obviously for those security is of the utmost importance, hence why it would make sense for Samsung to really focus on that and not disappoint those corporate customers.

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