Galaxy A21s VIVA Trot Edition launches with free music

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The Galaxy A21s VIVA Trot Edition is the name of the latest unconventional smartphone that Samsung is launching in its home country. Much like its name implies, this mid-ranger is specifically targeting aficionados of old-fashioned K-pop, which is the simplest (but not entirely accurate) way to describe trot as a genre. Priced at the equivalent of $275, the Galaxy A21s VIVA Trot Edition just made its debut in the Far Eastern country as an SK Telecom exclusive.

According to the wireless carrier, the device is specifically targeting a middle-aged demographic, i.e. people who enjoy trot music. To that effect, it comes with a pre-installed FLO widget that allows users to stream such tracks free of charge. The idea was to make less trendy musical genres more accessible, an SK Telecom official said.

The trot show must go on

Beneath the surface, this is the same Galaxy A21s that Samsung launched at the beginning of the quarter, albeit with a fresh, darker coat of paint. It previously proved popular enough to warrant a pre-order period in South Korea, so there’s no doubt this limited-edition release will additionally boost its sales numbers.

Popular music defined much of Samsung’s smartphone marketing over the course of this year. Most notably through the company’s collaboration with boy band phenomenon BTS which still continues to this date. While it remains to be seen whether this approach resonates with the older generations, the appearance of the Galaxy A21s VIVA Trot Edition at the very least implies Samsung is willing to cover all of its bases.

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