Galaxy 10th Anniversary Package gets you three great Samsung devices

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Samsung has announced that it will launch a bundle of three of the best Galaxy devices it has launched this year called the Galaxy 10th Anniversary Premium Package to celebrate the holiday season and how the company has “broken new ground in design, engineering, and innovation” over the last decade. The Anniversary Premium Package includes a Galaxy Note 10+, a Galaxy Watch Active 2, and the Galaxy Buds, and it will also come with Samsung’s official Note 10+ silicon case and a couple of straps for the Watch Active 2.Samsung hasn’t revealed any pricing details, only saying that the Anniversary Premium Package will be available in select markets later this month. We’re assuming the bundle will cost as much as it would cost for you to buy the Note 10+, Watch Active 2, and Galaxy Buds individually, and the silicon case and watch straps will be thrown in as freebies. That would not make the Anniversary Premium Package very special, but it would be a neat way for Samsung to get people to get started in its ecosystem by offering three solid devices in a single box.The Galaxy Note 10+ is a big, beautiful and powerful flagship that has many impressive features, like a big screen in a compact design, great cameras, powerful performance, a big battery, and, of course, the S Pen. The Galaxy Buds offer excellent sound quality (as far as wireless earphones are concerned) and fit right in with a Note 10+, what with the lack of a headphone jack on the latest Note. The Galaxy Watch Active 2, meanwhile, is Samsung’s best smartwatch yet, and you can see why we think so in our official review.

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