G Suite users will get better Google Assistant integration

When Google rolls out new features that will affect both regular Google and G Suite users, sometimes, they’re not the same. For example, while most Google users have been enjoying the Google Assistant for some time now, its functionality with G Suite has been pretty limited. All that is about to change now as they have announced that if you join a beta program of the G Suite, you’ll enjoy better Google Assistant integration, specifically for some Google Calendar and Gmail functions.

If you become part of the beta program, you’ll be able to enjoy some new functionalities that ordinary mortals have been using with their Google Assistant and their normal Google accounts for quite some time now. You can ask your digital assistant when your next meeting will be or to create, cancel, or reschedule an event for you. You can also ask it to send a note to the attendees that are part of that event through email.

Speaking of email, you will also now be able to create and send an email using your Google Assistant. That is probably one of the most convenient things a Google Assistant can do for you especially if you’re driving or you’re doing something else so you can’t type out your email onto your keyboard or laptop. If you’re also going into a virtual meeting, you can ask Google to dial into a meeting for you.

The only catch with this updated Google Assistant integration is that first, your G Suite organization has to be the one to enable it. And if you have two Google accounts, a regular one and a G Suite account with your company, the Google Assistant will only be able to answer questions for one account at a time and not both. So when you check your calendar, you can only hear the ones in your current account and not for both,

G Suite-using organizations are invited to be part of the beta program. There’s no word yet as to when this will roll out in the final version for all G Suite users.

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