Future Google Maps update may finally bring toll fees

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There are times when you need to be able to find out how much exactly you’ll have to spend on a trip, and that includes the toll fees you might have to pay along the way. This is one of the most requested features for Google Maps and it looks like we might get it soon. Members of the Google Maps preview program may have received a message saying that the next feature that will be added to the app will automatically display toll fees for roads, bridges, and highways.

Android Police says that a member of the preview program confirmed that they were asked to take a survey on what’s the best way to implement such a feature. The Maps development team is reportedly working on this feature that will display toll prices and possibly the total amount of all the tolls you’ll have to pay along a driving route. This can influence your decision on which route to take and which you may want to save, time or money.

Currently, Google Maps shows you what toll roads you will have to pass through on your route, both in the general map and navigation route. However, it doesn’t tell you how much it would cost, which is an important piece of information you need especially if you’re on a budget. Another Google-owned navigation app, Waze, began to add toll estimates around three years ago so this may be something that Google is looking into as well.

There isn’t much information from that message to Google Maps preview members other than the survey that they were asked to take. Hopefully they will get a lot of useful information from the members so that the feature they will develop will be easy to see and use, especially for those driving through routes they’re not familiar with or those who moved to a new place and would like to save money more than time.

It’s still too early to expect a beta test anytime soon so we may not see this just yet in the next Google Maps update. In the meantime, you might want to switch to Waze first if toll fee information is important to your next route.

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