Full-screen ‘out of support’ warnings are coming to Windows 7 users

Windows 7’s life support is almost up. Launched a decade ago in 2009, Windows 7 has been a success story for Microsoft, but just like with Windows XP; there are millions of people who are still using Windows 7 as support for it comes to an end. Support officially ends on January 14, and beginning January 15, Microsoft will start letting users know this with full-screen warnings.

Just like the smaller windowed warnings that have been popping up for Windows 7 users this year, this full-screen warning will be dismissible and can be turned off forever if the user chooses. Those who do decide to stick with Windows 7 after the end of support date will be vulnerable to any Windows OS attacks that become known after January 14, which could put your PC and data at risk.

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There are a guesstimated 300 million Windows 7 users connected to the internet today, which pales in comparison to the 900 million Windows 10 users out there. But 300 million is not a small group of people and is a huge target for attackers looking to take advantage of people using an OS that is no longer in support.

If you’re running Windows 7 on your PC today, you can still take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade offer, even though that offer has expired. Microsoft will turn a blind eye and let you activate Windows 10 legitimately with your Windows 7 serial key. You can head to the Windows 10 Upgrade website to get started.

Are you still using Windows 7? Will you continue to use it after January 14? Let us know in the comments.

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