Fossil’s Gen 5 Wear OS update improves calling feature

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While the Wear OS has received mixed reactions from users and tech journalists, most people say that the Fossil Gen 5 is one of, if not the best Wear OS watch currently in the market. One thing that it can do is to let you make calls from your watch directly. But upon launch, there were some connectivity issues. Now the latest firmware update to the smartwatch has supposedly fixed some calling issues and even comes with a new call UI.

A Reddit thread shared the newest update to the Fossil Gen 5 which has reportedly fixed the issues some users were complaining about with the previous version. This includes a constant ticking sound when you were on a call using the smartwatch, which was of course annoying. The other things that came with the update as per a Redditor include a better UI and an improvement in the voice quality of the call.

If you’re on the other side of the digital divide, meaning you’re an iPhone user, the Gen 5 is one of the rare Wear OS devices that will allow you to make phone calls even if your connected phone is an iOS device. While Wear OS lets you connect to iPhones previously, it only previously alerted you to incoming calls. But with this latest update and some proprietary software magic behind the scenes, you can now make phone calls on your smartwatch as well.

There are still some complaints about connectivity issues, like the phone says the watch is connected but the watch says it is disconnected. There are also those who say they can’t get internet on their watch when connected through Bluetooth. Hopefully, future updates will be able to fix these things.

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is powered by Snapdragon Wear 3100 and runs on the latest version of Wear OS. It has 1GB of RAM, and comes with a stainless steel design with its OLED display. It costs around $295 which is relatively cheaper than most premium smartwatches now.


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