Fossil Gen 5 update gets rid of a lot of built-in watchfaces

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More often than not, updates are supposed to give us new things or at least better, improved things. This new firmware update for the Fossil Gen 5 has made major changes to its built-in watchface catalog and it’s not all good news. While there are a couple of new options to choose from, the “remarkable” thing about this is that they removed way more watchfaces and we’re not just talking about 5 or 10 but 33 options have been removed.

According to 9 to 5 Google, they noticed that the new watchface catalog after the update seems to have changed drastically. Originally, there were 55 available including the Google Fit watchface and several other really great functional and stylistic options. But after the update, the catalog has been cut down to just 24 even though there are two new additions. This means 33 were removed from the options.

Given, the two new ones seem to be pretty good. The Fitness Digital looks like something useful for those who want to keep an eye on their health metrics like heartbeat measurement, steps, etc. The other one is Dashboard Digital and at a quick glance it has heart information, the temperature, and Google Assistant. The problem of course is that with just adding two new things you remove 33 other viable watchfaces.

If you’re using one of the removed options, you’ll get the original default one automatically. Some also received a message explaining it was removed for “optimization”. The update will also most likely affect the other smartwatches in the line like Gen 5E and Gen 5 LTE models. Older devices might also be affected by the change once the update rolls out to all the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches.

Here’s the list of the watchfaces that were removed:

– Big Tic
– Blue
– Candice Huffine
– Colorist
– Compass
– Cory Richards
– Darryl Westly
– Defender
– Ettore
– Flip Digital
– Fred
– Grant
– KJ Apa
– Magic 8-Ball
– Mandy Moore
– McKinney
– Mechanical Digital
– Men’s Fashion Digital
– Minimal Dressy
– Minimalist Analog
– Mood
– Movember
– Movember Analog
– Movember Digital
– No Icon Digital
– P-51
– Rainbow
– Robot
– Roulette
– Sail Dial
– Scarlette Shimmer
– Speedometer
– Turn Table

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