Fossil Gen 5 to receive major update with new wellness features

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While we will probably get a batch of new smartwatches once Snapdragon Wear 4100 comes out, this doesn’t mean the current batch of smartwatches will be left behind. Fossil believes its Gen 5 smartwatch can still have a lot to offer for both its current and new users. They will be releasing a new update that will bring new wellness-focused features for those that are looking for a gadget companion in their fitness journey. The update is scheduled to start rolling out on August 19.

The update probably involves an extra app that you can load on your smartphone or through the watch. The “wellness app rollout” involves the ability to detect that you’re starting a run, measuring cardio fitness levels, and also sleep tracking. This means you’ll be able to have a more well-rounded device to track your various health-related concerns as we continue to try and remain healthy despite the pandemic.

The app and your Gen 5 smartwatch will be able to start tracking your V02 max score according to Engadget. This is an important thing to track for those who are serious in working out or in training for competitive sports. It is a value placed on your level of endurance as you continue working out. This means that the higher your score, the better it is for your fitness and your training.

The update will also bring avatars for your contacts and access to “key tools” although what those tools are, we don’t know. There will also be new battery modes which includes tracking your workouts with half of the battery life that is currently being used up. We might get more details from Fossil regarding this major update before it starts rolling out.

Meanwhile if you’re thinking of getting a Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch, it’s available on their online store or on Amazon. It costs around $295. The update is set to start rolling out by August 19.

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