Fortnite still available for Samsung Galaxy users

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Epic Games tried to circumvent in-app purchase rules on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store last night. Instead of using officially sanctioned systems, the company snuck in an update that allowed users to pay Epic directly for Fortnite’s in-game content. As a result, both Apple and Google kicked out Fortnite from their app marketplaces. However, the game is still available for Galaxy users through the Galaxy Store.If you have a compatible Galaxy smartphone or tablet, you can still install the Epic Games app from the Galaxy Store and play Fortnite. The game has a file size of 8.2GB, and it takes a while to download. Fortnite might not be compatible with every Galaxy device, though, as it requires decently fast hardware to work.In-game purchases inside Fortnite are not working as of now. If you try to buy anything inside the game, it throws the ‘product does not exist in this store’ error. We don’t know if and when Epic Games plans to fix this error. In the past, Epic Games partnered with Samsung to offer exclusive Fortnite in-game content and benefits such as skins and points to Galaxy users.After Apple kicked Fortnite off its app store, Epic Games sued the iPhone maker and ran an in-game video parodying Apple’s 1984 video commercial, portraying Apple as a monopolist brand. Android users can still download the game’s APK file from Epic Games’ website and install Fortnite on their devices.

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