Fortnite Season 4 Android download made simple by Galaxy Store

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Fortnite fans will remember that the popular battle royale game was kicked out of Google’s Play Store two weeks ago. Epic, the game’s developer, implemented a direct payments system in the game which violated Google’s in-app purchase rules. Android users were only left with one option and that was to download the game through the Epic Games App.

This tussle that Epic is in with Google and Apple didn’t really concern Android users who owned a Samsung handset. Some of you may remember that Samsung actually ran a Fortnite promotion when the popular game first made its way to Android. It has since released a couple of custom skins as well. Fortnite has continued to be available through the Galaxy Store. As loyal fans await the Fortnite Season 4 download tomorrow, Samsung customers aren’t worried one bit.

Fortnite Season 4 download available through Samsung Galaxy Store

Fornite Chapter 2 Season 4 is going to launch tomorrow. Epic has hinted in several tweets that there’s a collaboration with Marvel in the upcoming season, the company has teamed up with Marvel in the past as well. As players have come to expect with these season updates, there may be changes to the map, new points of interest, cosmetics, in-game rewards and more.

The Fortnite Season 4 download for Android will be available through the Samsung Galaxy Store immediately after Epic releases it tomorrow. Therefore, Android users who own a Samsung device will have the simplest update experience. Fortnite has been available in the Galaxy Store since 2018 and it continues to be available regardless of the Epic vs Apple/Google fight.

Players on iOS have been stung by this tussle, though. Epic has confirmed that they will not get access to season 14 tomorrow. It has also said that they’re going to lose cross-platform play with non-Apple platforms, meaning that starting tomorrow, iOS device owners will be on an outdated version of the game and will only be able to play among themselves.

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