Fortnite ‘Save the World’ gets dungeons and more

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While Fortnite’s battle royale mode may be the most popular way to play Epic Games’ sensation, its Save the World mode is still getting updated regularly, and has just received a new way to play.

According to Epic, players can now experience dungeons in Fortnite: Save the World, which will allow them to fight off hordes of monsters, traps, and plenty of other surprises in an effort to gain some great loot. Much like other dungeon crawlers, players will descend lower into Save the World’s dungeons while gearing up along the way to fight a boss at the end of it all.

It’s unknown exactly how good the rewards for completing the dungeons will be, but Epic teased that players can unlock heroes, weapons, and more for your locker by completing the dungeons. From the sound of it, there will be four unique dungeons to start, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to begin heading out and grabbing some sweet gear.

The dungeons are available in the game now, so head out and try your luck at completing some of these new areas! Judging by Epic’s history, it’s likely that Save the World’s dungeons will be receiving continuous updates as more time passes, especially as better and better rewards are introduced into the game.

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