Foldables vs wearables: Are you excited about the next Galaxy Unpacked?

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In case you missed this morning’s news, the next Galaxy Unpacked is now officially confirmed to be taking place on Wednesday, August 11th. As these things usually go, Samsung’s upcoming product event will serve as a culmination of several months’ worth of exciting rumors and speculation about what’s next in store for the Galaxy family.

The star of the show will undoubtedly be the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung’s third-generation foldable flagship and the first that will attempt to be an out-and-out replacement for the Galaxy Note line. Even Bixby started teasing as much this week, even though not all of us are amused, to say the least. Be that as it may, Samsung will definitely try to position the S Pen as one of the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s killer features, for better or worse.

Are you more excited about the foldables or wearables? Both? Neither?

Moving on, there’s the Galaxy Z Flip 3 to look forward to, as well. Not just because it’s the next rendition of what might still be the best foldable form factor Samsung came up with so far. But also due to the fact it’s going to be the most affordable such gadget from the company to date. By quite some margin, at that, according to our info.

And if you’re more interested in the wearable aspect of the show, the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Watch 4 (and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic) should give you plenty to admire. Both high-end, cutting-edge gadgets in their own respective arenas, both coming to your local Samsung outlet by the end of the next month. Stay tuned for the exact date, however, as not even Samsung seems to be sure about that one as of yet.

But anyway, what are you most excited to see from next month’s Galaxy Unpacked? Feel free to elaborate in the comments, and fingers crossed we’ll have plenty of positives to discuss three weeks from now. Naturally, that is all assuming you managed to get over the fact we aren’t getting a new Galaxy Note generation this year. Not all of us managed to do so, according to our poll from earlier this week.

What are you most excited to see at the August 2021 Galaxy Unpacked?

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