Flipboard brings local news for 1,000 cities in latest update

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News apps, social media, and other content publishers are able to bring you the global news that you need to know. But sometimes, you also need to know more about localized news in the city you live in. Flipboard is one of the more popular news aggregation apps out there and with its latest update, it will now bring you more focused content for specific locations on your app so it will be easier for you to find more relevant, localized news.

Once you update your Flipboard app to the latest version and you open it, you’ll be asked for your location. You can choose one or two locations to follow and news that’s tagged for this place will be added to your Following tab. You can just quickly access these on your news tabs and the stories and videos from local publishers, blogs, and TV stations will also be seen on the For You Feed.

You will of course have to allow Flipboard to access your location so it will be able to suggest local topics, including those from the nearest cities and towns. This localized news will be updated throughout the day. For the larger metro cities, there are also subsections for video content and topics like Sports, Politics, Business, and Things To Do. There are only 1,000 cities covered for now so most likely not every major city is included.

But Flipboard says that if the city you’re in isn’t currently represented, you can tweet them @Flipboard. This means they’re working on adding more cities in the future. And with social media apps like Facebook also going into localized news and content, they will most likely have to catch up and market this more heavily to get more eyeballs for the news app directly.

Local coverage has been an important part of journalism for some years and now even more when we need more voices to be heard. Update your Flipboard app to see if your city is part of their initial rollout.

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