Flight Simulator features one shared online world

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an upcoming well, fight simulator, from Asobo Studio and Xbox Game Studios. The Microsoft team is working with an external partner to make it a comprehensive experience on PC, but an Xbox One port hasn’t been ruled out in the future.

Recently, the developer posted a new video on YouTube discussing the multiplayer aspect of the game in great detail. The description simply says, “Watch as… Sebastian Wloch talks about multiplayer in the next evolution of Microsoft Flight Simulator.” However, that underplays the information on offer here. The video is quite informative and gives players great insight into the staggering level of interactivity and connectivity this game offers.
The biggest news here is that the game features one massive shared world. However, there are other amazing options in the game. You can read about them below.

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  • Massive shared world with real weather
  • Real flight traffic
  • If a player leaves, the computer takes over to fly the plane
  • You can customize flying rules in other multiplayer modes
  • The servers streamline the information so you only see planes closest to you

According to Windows Central’s Samuel Tolbert, “First revealed at E3 2019… Flight Simulator aims to recapture the audience that loved the long-running series of flight simulation titles. After giving a small roadmap earlier this year, the team at working on the game has continued to give a series of updates and videos on different elements of the game’s design.”

Did you play Flight Simulator all those years ago? Are you excited for this version? Let us know. Hopefully, it’ll come to Xbox Series X too, down the line because that console can handle the advanced visuals and computational requirements.

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