Fleksy brings access to videos right on your keyboard

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Have you ever wished that as you’re typing out messages or some kind of text on your keyboard, you’ll be able to watch videos right then and there? No? Well, the folks over at Fleksy think you might want to have that feature as they’re bringing a version of the VBoard to your virtual keyboard. The new Fleksyapp will let you watch TV, or more specifically, videos from selected channels, while you’re typing and then share them to whoever you’re chatting with as well.

In this initial launch, you’ll be able to access videos from MSNBC, CBC, TicToc, NY1, NowThis, Cheddar, ESPN, Food Network, Tastemade, Vevo, Refinery29, TwitchPrime, HarpersBazaar, Genius, and more channels to come. You can search through various categories like food, music, sports, games, or general life. And of course, you can do all of that and watch the videos from the Fleksy keyboard itself.

However, the integrated video player is actually pretty huge and leaves you with just a small space to type out your message or note. Previously, you could already watch YouTube videos while typing but compared to this new player, that was still small and similar to the picture-in-picture mode. This one just overwhelms your screen and is really more for watching rather than actually typing and communicating.

But if what you really want to do is watch a video while typing or send a particular video to a person you’re chatting with or emailing, then you will be able to find the VBoard on the Fleksy app particularly useful. Never mind that the folks at Android Police find it “simply so obnoxious, barely discoverable, and hard to use”.

Update your Fleksy app to start enjoying (or getting annoyed by it) your in-app video watching. Or if you haven’t tried Fleksy yet and its myriad of features, why don’t you give it a whirl by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

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