Fix Microsoft Teams Errors 1001, 1200 and 1202 on Mac

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The Teams desktop app may display various error codes when failing to log you into your account. In this guide, we’re going to focus on three such errors, namely error code 2: 1001, 2: 1200 and 2: 1202. If you’re looking for a quick solution, open a new browser tab and go to The web app is rarely affected by login issues and you should be able to access your account. But if you want to fix the desktop app, pursue the troubleshooting solutions below.

How to Fix Teams Errors 1001, 1200 and 1202 on Mac

Clear the App Cache

Clearing the temporary app files stored in your Teams cache folder may solve this problem. As a quick reminder, these cache files might sometimes interfere with your current Teams session.

  1. Right-click on the Teams icon on your dock and select Quit.
  2. Go to Finder, click on the Go menu and select Go to folder.
  3. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft in the Go to folder box and press the Return key.
  4. Select the Teams folder and drag it to teams cache folder mac
  5. Then go to Keychain Access and locate the Microsoft Teams Identities Cache teams identities cache mac
  6. Delete them and launch Teams again. Enter your login information and check if you can access your account.

Update Teams and macOS

For some users, the only solution that worked was updating macOS to the latest version. Click on your Apple menu, go to System Preferences and select System Update. If there’s a newer macOS version available, hit the Update button. The same is valid for your Teams app. Click on your profile picture and check for updates.

Log into the Desktop App via Teams for Web

There’s also an interesting workaround that you can use to log into your desktop app in spite of all the login errors that Teams may throw. Log into the Teams web client and go to your calendar. Select one of the meetings scheduled in your calendar and Teams should ask you if you want to join the meeting on your computer or continue using the web client.

Under “Join on your computer or mobile app“, select “Click here to join the meeting” and the web app will automatically redirect you to the desktop app. Hit the sign-in option and check if it works.

Tweak Your Info.plist File

  1. Navigate to /Applications/Microsoft/
  2. Double-click the Info.plist teams info.plist file mac
  3. Go to App Transport Security settings and set Allow Arbitrary loads and Allow Arbitrary loads in Web Content to Yes.
  4. Restart your MacBook to apply the changes immediately and launch Teams again.

Reinstall Teams and Office

If the issue persists, try installing a new copy of Teams from Microsoft’s official webpage.

  1. Launch Finder, go to Applications and select Teams. Drag the app to the Trash folder to remove it.
  2. Then go to ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams and delete the entire Teams folder.
  3. Go to and download Teams again.
    • Note: Some users recommend installing an older Teams version. Once the older app installed, you can update to a newer version without signing off.
  4. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall Office.


If you can’t log into Teams due to error 1001, 1200 or error code 1202, clear the app cache and delete your Teams Identities cache entries. Alternatively, you can also edit your Info.plist file settings, and access your desktop app from the web client. Did you manage to fix your Teams login problem? Let us know which solution worked for you.

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