Fitbit wearable data to be analyzed for Covid-19 efforts

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Fitbit Covid 19 Study

The Covid-19 has definitely changed the world in many ways. It’s mostly negative but many people have become grateful because the situation allowed them to be with their loved ones, do things they’ve been wanting to do at home, or simply just be in one place at peace for a long time. We don’t know when the pandemic will end but we’re hopeful it will with a better environment. The fight against the virus continues until a vaccine is ready.

In the past couple of months, we’ve seen how the world has changed. Live events have been canceled left and right. Products and services by different companies and brands have been updated as a response to the rest of the world is on lockdown.

A few notable efforts we remember include Apple and Google teaming up to help with coronavirus contact-tracing. There are other Coronavirus tracking apps but some of them are actually malware. Even before, Google has also shared internal and external efforts in Coronavirus fight.

Fitbit is joining the movement. There is no definite result yet but there have been efforts to check if wearable data gathered from fitness and health trackers can help in the detection of diseases even before symptoms begin. Infectious diseases include COVID-19 and flu.

Fitbit teamed up with the Stanford Medicine Healthcare Innovation Lab and the Scripps Research Translational Institute for this project. Right in the Fitbit app, you can check the ‘Fitbit COVID-19 Study’. It aims to determine if the company can come up with an algorithm that may detect the presence of COVID-19 even before symptoms start.

Fitbit is gathering information by getting answers from those who have been affected by COVID-19 whether in the past or those who currently have it. Answers are valuable as they will contribute to research. Inside the app, check the Discover tab and go to the Assessments & Reports section if you wish to help in answering. Basic questions will revolve around flu or COVID-19 infection or symptoms. You may also be asked about some details regarding your demographics and medical history.

Answers will be analyzed together with your Fitbit data. Researchers will look into your data and see what early signs of COVID-19 and flu are present. This is voluntary among Fitbit users. The company isn’t forcing you to provide information you don’t want to give or share.

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