Fitbit Sense launches as first health smartwatch with EDA sensor

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Last week, Fitbit was reported to be launching new wearables soon. We were told to look forward to the Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa, and Fitbit Inspire. D-Day has come as the new fitness trackers have just been launched. Fitbit Sense is described as the most advanced health smartwatch today as it is the first in the world with an EDA Sensor. We’ll focus on it for now as it is the most premium and most advanced among the three new models.

The Fitbit Sense boasts an innovative sensor and technology that you can’t find on any other smartwatch. It’s the first to have the first electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor on a watch that can help manage stress. This fitness wearable also comes with an on-wrist skin temperature sensor, new ECG app, and heart rate tracking tech.

The device can help manage stress with all the mentioned tech as they are able to track your wellbeing and health like breathing rate and heart rate variability (HRV) among others. It’s best to use the Fitbit Sense as it can help you to take care of your health and wellbeing especially in this time of the pandemic.

The goal is to track health metrics and provide the user with information about your body. This way, you can always be in control of your wellness. Easy access to your health data can be very helpful since before, you can only see them after a visit to the doctor.

Fitbit Sense delivers on-device and in-app experience. It doesn’t just help manage physical stress but also mental stress especially since the world is facing COVID-19. The Fitbit team teamed up with medical and health experts to come up with an efficient and innovative stress management experience with everyone.

The new EDA sensor measures electrodermal activity responses. What it does is measure electrical changes in your skin’s sweat level by simply placing the palm over the face of the watch. Knowing your EDA responses can actually help you to understand your body as it responds to stressors.

The Fitbit Sense also comes with a new Stress Management Score found within the Fitbit app. There’s also a new mindfulness tile inside that lets you reflect on your stress, set weekly mindfulness goals and reminders, log mood after sessions, and even meditate. More special features are also available for premium members.

Fitbit Sense is priced at $329. It will be available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Europe, Singapore, Japan, India, Hongkong, and Australia.

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