Fitbit Sense ECG sensor issue calls for replacements

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Fitbit Sense Hardware ECG Senso Issue

A few months ago, Fitbit Sense’s ECG feature received FDA and CE approval. It was a month after the device launched as the first health smartwatch with EDA sensor. It is the most advanced from Fitbit today and is certainly the most useful with ECG support. Unfortunately, like most first-gen gadgets, it comes with some issues related to the sensors that a few units may need to be fixed or replaced. The hardware issue has been confirmed to be affecting the smartwatch’s functionality and performance.

A solution is now available: a full hardware replacement. It’s free so if your smartwatch has been affected, you may approach Fitbit. It’s not clear how many users have been affected but the problem is only experienced by a limited number of customers.

The issue exhibits as the ECG reading shows inconclusive results. The company said future Fitbit Sense units won’t have such problem. Here is a statement from Fitbit:

We have found an issue in a very limited subset of our initial Fitbit Sense shipments – a few hundred devices globally – that could cause the ECG App to default to an ‘Inconclusive’ result during readings. We are able to identify the impacted devices upon set up and are immediately reaching out to these users to provide them with a new replacement device free of charge. No other Fitbit devices are impacted, and future shipments of Sense devices will not be affected by this issue.

Fitbit also sent out an email to the Sense owners, telling them about the hardware issue and requesting them to return the device.

This is Fitbit Customer Support. Thanks for your purchase of Fitbit Sense.

We identified a hardware issue with your device that could affect its ability to work properly. Please return the device to us. We’ll provide you with a prepaid return label.

To ensure the best possible Fitbit experience, we’re providing you with a replacement free of charge. Please keep all original accessories, such as your charging cable and band. You’ll receive a replacement device only.

After we receive your shipping details, you’ll receive an email message with the next steps for your replacement and then we’ll expedite a new Fitbit Sense to you.

Products being recalled isn’t always a pleasant experience but it must be done. We’ll see if Fitbit will keep its promise the “future shipments of Sense devices will not be affected by this issue.”

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