Fitbit OS update brings new features to Versa 2, other devices

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While we’re still waiting for the finalization of the Google acquisition, life goes on for Fitbit and its users. A new update to its OS brings new features related to heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and other health-related features that will enhance your device experience, whether it’s with the Versa 2 or other Fitbit devices. They are also introducing new features to the Fibti Premium membership which includes a personal wellness report users can share with relevant and trusted individuals.

The Fitbit OS update to version 4.1 brings some of the exciting features that the Versa 2 has to other Fitbit devices like the Fitbit Ionic and other members of the Versa family. One of these features is called smart wake, a silent on-device alarm that will nudge you awake with “subtle vibrations” so you won’t wake up abruptly to the jarring sounds of your alarm clock. You can also take a look at your Sleep Score on your device so you can see if there have been improvements to your sleeping habits if you’ve been tracking them.

The update also brings you a new agenda app to help you manage your schedule on your wearable, a clock face switcher that you can manage from the smartwatch instead of on the connected device, and a five-star rating on the Fitbit App Gallery. The Fitbit Versa 2 also gets some improvements with the OS update, with five additional clock faces for the always-on display (which still gives you 2+ day battery life), Amazon Alexa Built-in functionality so you can start any of the 20 exercises, etc.

Fitbit also brings you a new PurePulse heart rate tracking with its highly innovative algorithm. It will bring improvements as it powers other Fitbit features like Sleep Stages, Cardio Fitness Score, etc. When it comes to the battery, you’ll get a new feature that will notify you when it’s running low and then disable select features so it can last a little longer. If you have any of the Fitbit Versa devices, update it to version 4.1 when it rolls out first week of December to enjoy all of these new features.

As for Fitbit Premium members, you have a new wellness report which comes from an in-depth analysis of your Fitbit activity, sleep, heart rate, and weight trend data. You will be able to share this with your healthcare professional, personal trainer, or nutritionist, in case they need the data to help you out. The Premium library is also expanding with more workouts from other brand like Daily Burn, Popsugar, Down Dog, Yoga Studio by Gaiam, etc. You can subscribe to Fitbit Premium for $9.99 per month.

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