Fitbit Charge 4 will reportedly have GPS, NFC, sleep tracking

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Ever since Google acquired fitness OEM Fitbit, we haven’t seen a new device. But if rumors are to be believed, we’ll be seeing a new one this year in the form of the Fitbit Charge 4. We’ve heard a few bits and pieces about this upcoming fitness wearable and now we have even more news about it through a German website and a video posted on Twitter by a known tipster. We can expect it to have the all-important GPS as well as NFC, sleep tracking, and other usual features that we expect from a fitness tracker.

German website WinFuture shared all the information that they were able to gather about the upcoming Fitbit Charge 4. Probably the most interesting thing mentioned there is that the wearable will have a GPS module. This means users will be able to use the fitness band even without a connected smartphone. They will be able to track their runs, show intensity training on a map, and other things GPS will be able to do on the device.

Of course, having GPS will affect a device’s battery life. Fitbit Charge 4 may have five hours of battery life when using GPS tracking while for overall battery life, it can supposedly last up to 7 days. It will probably have an OLED display as well as 5ATM and an IPX8 rating, similar to the previous versions. There will also be Spotify integration (if you connect it to a smartphone), sleep tracking with REM phases, Pulse Zones for training routes, menstrual cycle tracking, etc.

A leaked video (in Dutch) for the upcoming device was posted by noted tipster Roland Quandt. It basically confirmed all the things mentioned in the WinFuture article but there is also mention of the addition of NFC so you can use probably Google Pay for mobile payment transactions. It was only previously available for the “special edition” models of the Charge trackers. There is no mention anywhere though of any Google-specific features so it might come later on in future products.

As for pricing, it’s rumored that the standard edition will cost 149 euros. The slightly more expensive Fitbit Charge 4 SE will cost 169 euros and will have more included bands. This may mean that the US pricing will be similar to Fitbit Charge 3.

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