Fitbit acknowledges Charge 4 band defect, says “small number” affected

For months now, some owners of the Fitbit Charge 4 have been wondering if it was just their imagination that there was something wrong with the wearable. They have been complaining that there seems to be a gap between the band and the device causing it to not fit as snugly as one would expect. Finally, Fitbit has reacted to this issue and admits that they are aware of their users complaints and urged them to contact Customer Support so they can be assisted.

Some of the earliest complaints about the Charge 4 happened back in April. Basically what was wrong was that there seems to be a manufacturing flaw where there is a gap between the band and the device. Aesthetically this is already bad but can also functionally affect your device. Dust and other small particles can get in and some have also said that the gap catches on objects and yanks the device and the user back.

It can even cause slight physical injury as the edges were sharp enough to scrape the skin. The solution for some customers was to swap the band but it actually didn’t exactly fix it. What it did was to make the gap smaller but there is still a gap where there shouldn’t be. This can really be annoying at “best” and dangerous to the device and the user at its worst. There has been a steady complaint of users on Fitbit’s community forums and of course Reddit.

Android Central says a Fitbit representative has confirmed that they are aware of the customer complaints. They are encouraging users who have experienced this to contact Customer Support. They didn’t exactly say that there was something wrong and they didn’t explicitly state that they will be replacing the Charge 4. The fact that they are downplaying this by saying only a “small number” of users are affected is also telling.

Fitbit has actually just recently announced new devices and obviously, potential customers will be watching and waiting to see if these will not have the same flaw. Hopefully, the Charge 4 issue is indeed just a small manufacturing hiccup.

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