First Microsoft Launcher update rolls out to Surface Duo

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Surface Duo 2020Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft’s Surface Duo has its first-ever launcher update through the Google Play Store. The update brings updated icons and fonts, improves the performance of the launcher, and addresses several bugs. The update brings the launcher to version 6.2.200902.91394.

The Surface Duo’s launcher update appears identical to the latest version of Microsoft Launcher that’s available on any Android device. At least for this update, the version number and changelogs are identical. Here’s the complete list of changes for the most recent update:

  • Updated app icons and font
  • Improved app folder layout and gesture support
  • Improved performance
  • Addressed known bugs

To update to the latest version of the Surface Duo’s launcher, open the Google Play Store, go to My Apps and Games, and select Update.

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If you had previously side-loaded the beta version of Microsoft Launcher onto the Surface Duo, you don’t need to change anything. The beta version of Microsoft Launcher is a later version than the update that’s generally rolling out. The beta version is currently 6.2.200904.91704, although it is not known what is different from the production version at this time. If you want to know more about Microsoft’s Insider beta program for Android apps, we have a full guide on the topic.

Until recently, if you went to the Google Play Store listing of Microsoft Launcher from a Surface Duo, the store would state that app was incompatible. That has now been fixed, meaning that updates for Microsoft Launcher on the Surface Duo should arrive through the Google Play Store, rather than just through monthly updates.

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